Hi All,

I'm a 2A with fine hair, looking to get on the right track for caring for my hair. I have multiracial kids with hair textures ranging from 3a - 4a each of my girls have different texture hair and I just recently learned how to properly care for their hair through some great gals on you tube which have led me here. In the process of caring for their hair I realized I have not taken care of mine. I used to just shampoo and put my hair in a bun and keep going. with time I noticed my hair just got thinner and I attributed it to stress or me just pulling my hair in a bun. I figured that I wasn't really putting any chemicals in my hair so I was fine. Obviously, I wasn't. I even went as far as getting the 2 in 1 to save me from forgetting to condition my hair. Well, I'm here now to learn all I can to get this hair in the best possible condition I can. Looking forward to learning what I can from all the type 2 hair folks.
CG April 16, 2013
2B-wavy, curvy, Low Porosity, Fine
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