Hey there! I can't really speak to the BRHG. But I do know that my hair uncurls if I overdo or under-do protein. The big difference is how it feels... if it feels crispy, especially at the ends I've usually been over-proteined. If it looks dry but feels super soft, limp, mushy and certainly not crispy at the ends, I'm probably overconditioned. The perfect balance results in the curliest. How does your hair feel?

It does look like you've been doing lots of protein treatments so maybe you've taken in too much of it, but the best way to tell is by how your hair feels.

Otherwise I would suggest what others have already: low-poo to get rid of whatever chemicals may be lingering and/or maybe try an acv rinse. You may have some buildup from something. Do any of your products include polyquats? I know some people here have issues with those. But really it could be any ingredient. Try DT's (coconut oil, olive, etc) if your hair feels crispy, and see if that helps... if it makes it worse (even more limp, mushy) then you may need more protein. And maybe stay away from styling products and try to use natural ingredients, like FSG.

Your hair looks really pretty in the pics, i'm sure you'll get it back!