That is it. I am curious about where they got the possible military connection from. If true, and they were in a 4 year branch of the military, they would have to be on leave. If it was assumed by the types of weapons they had (guns amd grenades, etc) and their actions during the shoot out, that could be a different story.

Either way, if true, it would be handy to have that confirmed given that one is still on the street and a danger to others.

CA, They would have no full way to enforce keeping people indoors, with so many citizens. They might ticket or warn a few, but hopefully people will listen for safety's sake.
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The military connection is confusing....I thought the bombs were obviously slapped together by civilians because of how unsophisticated they were. You don't need military training to steal a car, rob a 7-11 or make a bomb. I guess all will be revealed this weekend.
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Yeah, as a whole picture it is. The original devices were very crude and unsophisticated. Apparently during the shoot out with LEO last night (early am) they used more military type weapons and were throwing actual hand grenades at officers.

I have been a little busy for the last hour but my co worker said the suspect at large could possibly have more grenades on him, several guns, and a bomb strapped to him.

JC!! Again, hope they catch him soon (and he does not have all that on him).
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