i think when they report all this stuff it freaks people out more and can actually led to people getting hurt. not too mention they blow things out of proportion.

Its like the game we play when you get a butt load of people in a circle adn the first person wispers somehting in the next persons ear. by time it gets back to the first person, its not at all what they said. i rather the "news" stfu, and let the people who actually knows stuff give a press release and answer all questions when they can.
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When it comes to what this guy might possibly be wearing I am glad they put it put there. It is very frightening, but it if is true, I would hope that people were aware in case someone got the notion to handle it on their own.

With a great deal of this stuff the media hears information go over police scanners, or the public does and gives them tips, and they run with it. They often misunderstand things. Brief sidetrack example: I received several calls one day about a horrible factory or plant fire in my county. We had nothing like that, but the public kept getting on the local mews FB page and insisting we did, and we were covering it up. The last time they called they said it was a recycling plant and it clicked. It was a damn dumpster fire the night before at the trash dump. :-/ It's unreal how easily stuff gets twisted, and how quickly they jump.

**Wanted to add a moment ago, but I had to cut it short... I have never worked anything on this scale (thankfully) but I have worked several bank robberies (some ending in fatalities), murders, man hunts, bomb threats, etc and it is a circus. The very smallest thing can become one, so I completely sympathize with them when it comes to the media BS. They can be helpful or/and a complete hindrance, and exhausting to watch**

Thanks for posting that, Murrr. That at least narrows it down a touch.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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