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I'm new here and I see there is tons of information here but a tad overwhelming for me. I have recently decided to take the journey of caring for my hair a bit better. I have multiracial children and I have recently buckled down to properly moisturize there hair and so forth. In the process I have learned that I have not been taking good care of my own hair which is 2b and fine and low porosity. I am very plain jane and always on the go. My hair care routine consisted of just washing with pantene volume shampoo and conditioner then I switched to their 2 in 1. I would wash, towel dry and put up in a bun and keep it moving; nothing else would I apply to my hair. My thought was "well im not putting any chemicals in my hair so im good" well in the last few weeks I have learned I was wrong. So with all this said I have been researching thru the care of my girls hair which landed me here to learn about my own hair care.

So I have since swithced to sulfate free and paraben free shampoo Dr Miracle I've been using this for about 3 days now and I like it so far along with the leave in conditioner. I see that my hair feels softer and doest look as dry but I've just started on this journey. I see that many have had to experiment until a regimen that works for you is found, so I'm sure that will be the same for me. I workout everyday and have oily scalp but I see that most don't wash every day. So below I have some questions and any help is much appreciated.

1. With oily scalp and working out everyday how often should I be washing my hair? I usually wash everyday or every other day.

2. I don't wrap my hair I pretty much lay on my curls so how do you get the bounce back the next day if you don't wash your hair and what products are used in this case?

3. I came across a thread on this forum that said a protein treatment is good to do, how often should this be done?

4. I've seen where its suggested to seal the hair after using a leave in conditioner with aloe Vera or some sort of oil, is this something I should be doing? oils make my hair even oiler.

5. Since my hair is low porosity how often should I do some porosity care?
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