1. With oily scalp and working out everyday how often should I be washing my hair? I usually wash everyday or every other day.
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If you were able to do this before there's no reason you can't do it with CG. you can try to stretch it longer if you want but it's not a requirement by any means, do what works best for you.

2. I don't wrap my hair I pretty much lay on my curls so how do you get the bounce back the next day if you don't wash your hair and what products are used in this case?
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Haven't really figured this out myself, my wave is loose so I've been experimenting with stylers but if I can find a way to get decent wave without them I will. My second day hair is usually fairly straight but certainly wearable so I just comb it a bit or put t in a bun for awhile if its frizzy. I'm sure other wavies can help, wading through all this info can be frustrating but its worth it to pick a forum, go back a few pages and then work your way forward. I learned a ton just doing that.

3. I came across a thread on this forum that said a protein treatment is good to do, how often should this be done?
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My hair props are similar to yours and I have never gotten the hard hair described by others from protein. At this point I am using a PT as my leave-in with good results and my waves are starting to stick around longer. Frequency of PT will depend on your hair, start with once a week and see how it goes. I don't have the time / patience most of the time so I've been using protein in all my products.

4. I've seen where its suggested to seal the hair after using a leave in conditioner with aloe Vera or some sort of oil, is this something I should be doing? oils make my hair even oiler.
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I, and other fine hairs have issues with sealing. I have been applying a drop of grapeseed oil to dry hair and only to the top, frizzy bits. If I do all my hair it goes flat.

5. Since my hair is low porosity how often should I do some porosity care?
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I'm not sure what you mean here, sorry.
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