1. With oily scalp and working out everyday how often should I be washing my hair? I usually wash everyday or every other day.

Start with washing as little as you can get away with, especially while you regain condition. It will take soe experimenting to see what your hair likes best.

2. I don't wrap my hair I pretty much lay on my curls so how do you get the bounce back the next day if you don't wash your hair and what products are used in this case?

You can pineapple your hair (tie it loosley right on the top of your head) to help preserve curl, also a satin pillowcase or bonnet can help with second day frizz. Second day hair is something to be strived for but some never manage it and you may find it only comes with lots of patience and practice.

3. I came across a thread on this forum that said a protein treatment is good to do, how often should this be done?

Again this differs from person to person, if your hair loves protein you might do one a week, but you will adjust your routine for you.

4. I've seen where its suggested to seal the hair after using a leave in conditioner with aloe Vera or some sort of oil, is this something I should be doing? oils make my hair even oiler.

If oils make your hair oily don't use them. Evertones hair is different and you will need to experiment with a lot if things to find exactly what works for you.

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Low Poo, Condition, Leave in, Curl cream, Supersoak, Gel, Diffuse on high heat, with minimal lift to encourage waves and reduce frizz, Dry on cool with nozzle down to smooth hair and finish drying,Shine Serum

Weekly gelatin protien treatments.