Does anyone else find it interesting that they only found the guy after they let people leave their houses? The investigation relied on crowd-sourced data from start to finish.

I'm not criticizing the law enforcement response. I realize they had to protect the public and they didn't know how he was armed, etc. But they could've found him hours earlier if there were millions more eyes out there looking for him.
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Was it after? The sound went out on my television for hours so I did not hear the news until after he was captured. One article I read said he was captured and then residents were allowed to leave their houses around 8:45pm. It said the man had noticed blood on the tarp of his boat, in his backyard, checked it, and saw the kid hiding. Again, I did not get to hear any coverage for several hours and was ready to step away for a bit.

It is a miracle he did not kill the man who found him, considering he had a shoot out with officers shortly after. Well, shooting on his part and smoke bomb, etc on theirs... If I heard correct.

With the reports they had about a suicide vest, and weapons, I am glad people listened. You don't want to be roaming around with swat teams out in full force during a man hunt for a bomber. No, no, no. It ended well.

Did anyone else hear that the FBI interviewed him in 2011 after a undisclosed country reported him for suspicious, potentially radical, behavior? The FBI found nothing odd at that point, based on history and background checks, according to the article I read.
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