Very scary. What is the world coming to?

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An end. At this point a much overdue end...

Last weekend a young man was killed near my home. He was stabbed repeatedly so violently that his insides were torn out. What for? Either money or a girl.

Now in this stabbing death, 2 guys held the one guy and the other just repeatedly stabbed the sh*t out of the him. All involved were under 21.
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Sometimes it's REALLY hard to have faith in humanity Two weeks ago, a man was stabbed in a Chipotle two blocks from my son's DC apartment - over a place in line!

I remember feeling the same way after 9/11 as you do now - that it's only a matter of time before some lunatic gets his/her hands on a nuclear weapon and starts a global war which will kill us all. But with the passage of time comes perspective, and I still believe that enough people want to see their children grow up in peace that we won't see that armageddon anytime soon.