So my "friend" told me i could never have healthy hair because i have a frizzy curly hair. She always tell me that i should get a straight perm if i want healthy hair. Ughh it get so annoying. I already got a straight perm when i was kid.(Worst mistake ever)Fortunately my curl pattern went back but i still straight my hair after tht. But now i realized that curly hair is beautiful! Im 2 months CG . Anyways back to my "friend" i dnt know how to deal with her she is sometimes a good friend but whenever she says that about my hair it makes me mad. People like her motivates me to have healthy curly hair!! i will show her i can have healthy curly hair! I know it will take time but i am so determined!! Anyways i dont know what to say her. I dont want to be mean or anything. I dont know any better way to deal with her. Plus she is one of those people with pin straight hair and trims their hair every month and if she sees a split end on one piece of her hair. She panics.