If you’ve been on the internet for longer than about…oh…two seconds, you’ve seen it. There’s a point in some arguments where someone says:
;.; I guess I’m not entitled to an opinion any longer!
Somehow, I wonder if they post this and think it is going to change the argument. Maybe they’re imagining everyone will read it and crowd around and pat them on the back and say, “No, no, you’re entitled to an opinion! We’re sorry!”
But it always strikes me as weird and self-centered. Nobody questions whether anyone is entitled to have an opinion. The only question is whether that opinion is one anyone should care about.
Whenever someone pulls the super-ridiculous attempted guilt trip where they make frowny emoticons and say, “I guess I’m just not allowed to have an opinion any longer!” I want to roll my eyes.
That’s deeply self-centered. You’re allowed to have an opinion; it’s just that the things you are saying demonstrate that you have almost no experience with the subject matter. You are actually asking for other people to care about your opinion.
And the assumption that other people—people who are not related to you—should care about your opinion when you have no background experience? That’s just weird. Why would you imagine they should?
This x 100000.
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