Maybe she would not say rude things to you if you did not call her a WHORE or SLUTTY.

You are not into dating and sex, she is. What she does is none of your business. If you find what she does so terribly wrong then stop hanging out with her and find friends that share your values. If you still want to be friends but don't like hearing about all the things she does with guys, then there is a way to say politely 'I don't agree with the stuff you are doing and I am not comfortable hearing about it' and then changing the topic.

If a so-called friend of mine was calling me naive, easy and a whore, I would drop her like a hot potato. Stop talking to her disrespectfully.
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I don't most...most of the time she is insulting other girls and me. The whole school knows about her sex life, it's a matter of time before the school principal founds out about her illegal relationship. She always asks for the truth so I hand it to her. Sometimes what I say to her gets out of hand and I always apologize when it does. I always tell her though I don't regret calling you a whore because you are one.
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This reminds me of a phrase that goes something like: if you tell someone they're bad all the time, they will believe they are bad.

If you tell someone they are ugly every day they will believe they are ugly.

Using ugly words is not a good tactic if your goal is to make someone feel positive and do positive things. In fact it will probably make them do the opposite.
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She doesn't take what I say to offensive though. The only time I say rude things to her is when she attacks me for no reason and wants make fun of a innocent girl in the hallway. I always tell her what I may say will offend so if you want me to stop just say so. She doesn't. When we get out of hand we apologize to each other. I try my best not to degrade her, but when she asks for my opinion I'm going to her my opinion.