Women who call other women degrading slurs like whore and slut are participating in the oppression of all women-kind. There are no words for men that are equivalent. Why do you want to participate in degradation like that? IMO, such behavior is a far worse trait than a woman who participates in sexual activiity (which is really none of your business). Really, with a friend like you, who needs an enemy?

I'll tell you the same thing I tell my 15 year old daughter and her friends: mind your own sex life. And stop...just STOP...degrading other women. Practice being pro-woman. You really will need other women who are pro-woman in your life.
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That's the thing, she doesn't. She'll tell every girl she comes across about her sex life and when she finds out the girl is a virgin or has been only with one boy. She starts to make fun of her. I'm the only one who tells her the truth since most of her friends talk behind her back.
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Why are you asking for advice if you just plan on continuing your bad behavior?