That's the thing, she doesn't. She'll tell every girl she comes across about her sex life and when she finds out the girl is a virgin or has been only with one boy. She starts to make fun of her. I'm the only one who tells her the truth since most of her friends talk behind her back.
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Why are you asking for advice if you just plan on continuing your bad behavior?
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My behavior isn't bad. Maybe I should rephrase my whole entire first post,
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Yes, it is bad. Your behavior is worse than the friend, because you are degrading her with female-oppressive words. I'm thinking she is probably lashing out at you because you are behaving so badly towards her by calling her horribly demeaning names. Perhaps you should just stop and her behavior towards you might improve as a result.

I guess I'd better C&P your original post, before it disappears.

I'm 14 and I'm not into dating right now because I feel as dating in middle school is pointless. My friends all have boyfriends, but I have a few who are very...slutty.

One of them is dating a 22 year old (he thinks she's 17) and has about 3 other guys one the side. She always brags about her status with them and I don't like to sugar coat things so I usually say this to her "You're a whore, you think what you are doing is really cool but deep down in side you're a wreck. You're easy, naive, and again a whore..You get mad when people call you out on your foolishness but then try to act as if everybody does this. I'm not hoping this, but one day you'll mess with the wrong boy and something bad will happen too you." I don't say it to her that harsh, but it goes along the lines of that. Most of our friends agree what I'm saying, but she always turns ignores it and gets into even more trouble.

Sometimes when she knows what I'm saying is right (she hates to be proven wrong) she'll comment on my body and tell me things like "Shut up, you should be worrying about yourself since you'll never be able to get a boyfriend."

"How do you know so much unless you've done all these things yourself? I'm not shocked with the way your body is shaped only. Your ass is fake everything about is fake" I'm really self conscious about my body and I wonder why I consider her my friend when she says rude things to me. I've been asking for advice and nobody has helped me so I thought I should give here a try.