I'm 14 and I have this friend who is dating this 22 year old (he thinks she's 17) along with a other guys. Each day she brags about her statuses with the boys and then gets angry when somebody calls her out on her foolishness, wether it be me or her best friend. There will be times I say rude things to her (I'll call her a whore) , but I always apologize for it. Most of the time though I don't apologize for calling her a whore, naive and easy because she admits she's naive, easy, and some days she'll yell "I have ho-status!" (I'm not lying she seriously will yell this during lunch)

She has these days where she feels as if she can judge other girls, who are not cheating, and insult them on their appearance and statuses on with their boyfriends. She then brags about her 22 year old boyfriend.

Currently I have no boyfriend and don't want one because I feel as if their is no point when you're in middle school. I usually give her advice about what to do and not to do, but she never follows them since the next day she's grounded for 2 weeks.

I try my best to stay out of her sex life, but every single day she talks about it and when she sees that I'm uncomfortable with it she'll go further into depth about what she did.

So what should I do about her?