It matters and it shouldn't. My weight has been all over the place and my value/intelligence/worth (men AND women) has always depended on my beauty. What could you get from me. When I weighed more I wasn't treated great. When I look like I do know, I could say anything and stupid people think I matter more. It's sick. It hurts me that grown women in relationships still care. It hurts me that I feel worthless if I'm within a certain weight. It hurts me when I work with young women who only want to be friends with women they think are attractive and who starve themselves. It's all sick. And I won't participate. My body is not up for public discussion.

One of my best friends is beautiful according to western ethnocentric standards. And I love her. I see what she gets away with, and I see how people use her. Without her looks ... I love her but so many of her friends would dissapear