How often do you do wash and gos? And how many days of hair do you have where you don't touch it (2ns day hair). Is the amount of hair you're losing now waaayyy different than before?

I lose a lot of hair I think, too. But I wet, brush, and style every day. My point is, if I only wet and styled every 4 days, for example, I still would have lost the same amount of hair daily, but they would all be removed on that wash and go day and not the others (when we curlies shed hair naturally, it usually just stays on our head, twisted with other hairs, until we remove them or shower or brush).

I won't lie, that looks like a ton of hair in your pic. But like I said, if you're getting 5 days of hair, then that could be 5 days of hair instead of 1 like I experience.

If you truly think its breakage, can you post your hair type/ properties and routine / products so someone can try to help you? From what I've read, breakage is caused by 1- serious chemical damage, 2- too much protein, 3- too much moisture. So balance is key, but you'll have to figure out, if its breakage, if its due to too much protein or moisture and go from there.
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