Ugh thank you! I didn't use it when I showered last night *fills with regret* so in showering again today. Definitely gonna check your post on diluting! It's so strong!! Ugh my face is so oily right now too, so unhappy. Where can I get the Giovanni stuff? Is it a cowash? Does that help a lot?
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HAIR: 2a/b with nearly straight hair at neck, flat on top, low porosity, medium density, fine, medium length
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Low Poo/No Poo: SM YB, Malibu C Hardwater Wellness (every other day)
Rinse Out: Malibu C Hardwater Wellness Conditioner
Leave In: SM Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk
Gel: Volumax (Sally's)
PT: gelatin!
DT: Curls Unleashed NR

Love diffusing.
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