In the early 90s, I used to always put baby oil in my hair before my gel. Worked wonders then but then I became CG and tried everything else under the sun. I'm going to get some straight mineral oil and try this out to see if it still works some magic. I have some seriously porous hair and live in a subtropical climate where it has been raining frequently. I have been living with fairly consistent poof since being here. Glad to have read this today.
Originally Posted by sariroo only drawback is that my hair takes longer to dry.

BUT, as a counterbalance, I can now use my diffuser with better results. Before, I was strictly air-dry-only because blowdrying--even with diffuser--disturbed things too much and caused frizz. But with the MO added, I get round bouncy curls when I blowdry. So it's still win-win.

I'm going to try the MO under Ecostyler today, to see what happens. I usually hate gels and prefer creams, but the MO just makes everything work better so I'ma try it. The MO makes my hair really soft, too.

OP, we seem to share almost identical hair properties!

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