riiight... sKorpio: for a job interview: weren't you in front of your clothes wondering what you were going to wear for the interview, making sure you hair was "ok"?

Even that is using your beauty... if you go for a job interview you always put a little effort in it...

You probably just don't admit to yourself that you have used your beauty before, even though not intentionally as RCW says

Everybody uses their beauty, there's only the difference in people who do it on purpose and who exaggerate, and people who don't do it intentionally but just want to look "decent" for the job interview/hot date/presentation/family reunion/...
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Actually, I looked for clothes considered appropriate for an interview, and something that fit. No, I didn't stand there saying "hmmmm what makes me look good? What looks flattering on me? What makes me look pretty?" And I just wash my hair and go out, for any occasion. So Neleke, don't presume to know what I do or have done when you've never even met me ok? Thanks.
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

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