Since I was little (8ish) I have had issues with tiny red sores on my scalp.

They are almost like pimples, but not, they are tiny-med sized, VERY tender and they come and go.Usually I only have one or two at a time. Out breaks are constantly happening. I will probably have a week off at most.

It's been really difficult finding a shampoo that doesn't make it worse. I have tried dandruff type shampoos and sensitive shampoos but they do not help. And some shampoos really make it worse.

Right now I am using Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. It doesn't help get rid of the problem but it doesn't seem to irritate my scalp either.

A list of things I have tried that have irritated my scalp

H & H
Pantene Pro V dandruff
Natures Gate Tea Tree
Herbal Essence (just b/c it smelled pretty)
Garnier Frutesse
Everyday Shea with Tea Tree
Dr. Wood Castile Soap with shea and tea tree
Tresume (used this for years and I just got tired of "dealing" with it)
No Poo method (baking soda and vinegar rinse, this was the WORST)

Any tips or suggestions would be great.
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I read an article last night about someone who was getting oozing on their scalp (I think I was reading about hard water). Will try to go back through my cookies and see if I can find the article.

There is a shampoo and company who makes a very sensitive scalp formula for people who can't do fragrances and other irritants but you will have to google that one.