That is exactly right. My hair is different all over. The crown of my head is actually a lot courser hair. I do have a few straight crazy strands here and there too! This picture is not a great representation of my hair. It's a 'style' of many l suppose so l should put up some different pics.
How do l find out porosity and texture? I was reading about. Paul Michell product called curl swirl curl definer. Anyone used it? I also think l really need to stop shampooing my hair so much. The more it misbehaves the more l want to clean it but lm realising that's very bad. No wonder it's so try ATM! I never dye it, we'll lm not grey yet but l have one or two. I don't think this hair will look good going grey! So l my hair is in fairly good condition l assume because of this. I've ordered some new shampoo and conditioner without the nasties. I think l probably need a good leave in? And then an everyday product for naturally curly hair and then a styling product for when l want more control in the curl. I like products that add shine to my hair.
Thank you Chloe Mel and Corina! :-))

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