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Today I used deva low poo and then deva one c. Cold rinse upside down after dangle. Scrunched out water, combed backside all upside down. Sprayed with loreal everstyle beach spray, sprayed with DevaCurl spray gel, scrunched, scrunched with a microfiber towel, added moroccan curl defining mousse, scrunched then plopped for a few. Took out the plop, sprayed more DevaCurl spray gel, scrunched with hand dry hair glove and diffused upside down. Clipped the roots for 10 minutes while it dries the rest of the way. Put a small amount of JCNS on my hands and scrunched out the crunch upside down and right side up. I love how my hair turned out! Much more defined than usual! Also lots of volume! Loving the spray gel. Can't wait to use it tomorrow on second day hair (tried some last night before bed and was pleased lol).

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2a-2bFii NP?

Low poo: Deva Low-Poo, Jessicurl GLS, Moroccanoil Volumizing Shampoo, Aveda Be Curly
Condish: Cure Care, Redken Body Full, Deva One C, and Jessicurl Aloeba
LI: Aveda Be Curly Style Prep <3
Products: Deva FFVF & Jessicurl Spiralicious (LOVE), TRESemme Curl Boosting Mousse
Hairspray: Aussie Sprunch, TRESemme Curl
locking Spray
Experimenting with lots of products in my cabinet...

My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.