Since I was little (8ish) I have had issues with tiny red sores on my scalp.

They are almost like pimples, but not, they are tiny-med sized, VERY tender and they come and go.Usually I only have one or two at a time. Out breaks are constantly happening. I will probably have a week off at most.

It's been really difficult finding a shampoo that doesn't make it worse. I have tried dandruff type shampoos and sensitive shampoos but they do not help. And some shampoos really make it worse.

Right now I am using Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. It doesn't help get rid of the problem but it doesn't seem to irritate my scalp either.

A list of things I have tried that have irritated my scalp

H & H
Pantene Pro V dandruff
Natures Gate Tea Tree
Herbal Essence (just b/c it smelled pretty)
Garnier Frutesse
Everyday Shea with Tea Tree
Dr. Wood Castile Soap with shea and tea tree
Tresume (used this for years and I just got tired of "dealing" with it)
No Poo method (baking soda and vinegar rinse, this was the WORST)

Any tips or suggestions would be great.
Originally Posted by Beccabecca
I found what I was reading and it was a review on Elucence Clarifying shampoo on Curlmart's website. The person said that she had developed a scalp issue which was from calcium carbonate in her water and that the shampoo cleared it up. I noticed that most of the shampoos you listed have a lot of ingredients and are full of fragrance. It might be good to try something that's for sensitive skin/scalps like Kenra's sulfate free shampoo or even something by Giovanni, also something without tea tree oil or tea tree as the base of the shampoo. Tea tree can be irritating to some. If all of that fails, there's a shampoo by Mustella that's sold at Target and Babies R Us that's for babies with eczema--you might try that. I would start with a visit to a dermatologist though so that you aren't adding a bunch of stuff to your scalp that might irritate it further.