From what I've learned in life so far is that everyone is judgmental to some degree. Just be who you are and try to not care so much about what people think. I have pimples and freckles and wrinkles, (oh my). Should I be miserable because of that?

The more critical you are of everyone else, the more critical you are of yourself.

Yes, I'm tired of all of the advertising telling me how I should look. I can't even go on pinterest to look at spring and summer 2013 outfits without seeing these really cute outfits, but it looks like women who wear them might weigh 100 pounds. In the back of my mind, I hear myself saying, "Oh, if I only lost 10-20 pounds, I could look as good as her in that outfit." It's not realistic!

My husband and my mom think I'm beautiful. If you don't, then that's ok with me too, lol!

Sorry if that was all over the place!
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I just read a book yesterday called "Two Whole Cakes" by Lesley Kinzel. I think you would really like it
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity