Besides the area of your part, does your hair seem thinner overall? Have you noticed a difference in body when you wear it down or when you gather it in a ponytail? Take a tape measurer and give it a go. Someone told me to do this to check my density (I was 4 inches all around circumference wise) and so now whenever I pull my hair back into a ponytail before I exercise I just do a quick check with my hand wrapped around it. Then I'm all, "So far, so good. Feels the same."

I realize a lot of people style their hair with raking but I don't because it makes my hair big and breaks up my clumps. Also I did notice I'd inadvertently pull out hair while doing so. So if I did try to distribute product via raking again I would only do so if the products had fantastic slip. Maybe try a gelly type product? Most gels are full of chemicals and not so slippy. Kinky curly products (especially the knot today) have good slip for me. So does the SM milk. The Smoothie has less slip since it's thicker but still probably not so bad.

When I go four days without washing I get a pretty big hairball, but at most it's half the size of yours and my hair is thick in diameter and I have medium-high density. That being said, every head of hair is different and if it isn't breaking off in the middle it's probably shedding, right?
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Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

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