I don't see why a woman born with beauty shouldnt use it. If someone is born with intelligence, charm, strength or athletic ability they use it, so why not beauty.

If a woman has beauty as her only asset, and someone is willing to reward her for that, is that reward really less deserved than the man who is rewarded for being able to throw a ball far. They both have to work at making the most of the attribute they were born with.

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Along with others, you make some interesting points. All things can have a catch 22. If you asked women if the were smart enough, you would many middle of the road answers. Some may say no thanks to learning disabilities. Educated enough? Not everyone can afford that, or has had the opportunity. Education can be used to put or hold others down just as much (if not more) as physical appearance. It's simply more acceptable to talk about. Are you loved enough? Content enough? Giving enough? If so, things of this nature will shine through and add to ones physical appearance.

I have known women who used and abused their physical beauty/power. Never worked, lived alone in high dollar apartments while several different men paid the bills, bought their food, bought their clothes, etc. This type of using behavior will eventually catch up to the person. It really has more to do with lacking decency toward others, and that had everything to do with how they were raised (and in several cases of ppl I know- not raised at all/left to fend for themselves at an early age). I have known many more who are knock outs, and have personalities/life skills to match, who could not even begin to do that. Others might do it on a much smaller scale.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??