Thanks so much for posting your review. I have been looking for an at-home keratin treatment for sometime and just ordered the uncurly based on your review and another blog I found on the internet. I generally go to the Salon once a year (June-ish) and pay the $300 for Keratin Complex (Coppola) to get me through the summer. I usually make it to June, but this year has been much different. My hair seems resistent to everything. I have tried the Organix BKT last year and it seemed to work...I tried it this year and it did absolutely nothing.

My questions is not that its been a few months - how is your hair holding up?

I am going to Jamaica mid-May and knew I would not be able to make it through vacation without my hair frizzing and curling like a bush (I have type 2B), so I am excited to try this before I go.

Any tips (other than wearing gloves)?