Yes. BUT my full response would have to be that when I first started letting my hair be its naturally curly self, I had a lot more days when I felt like I was convincing myself that I liked my hair. NOW, however, I can genuinely say that YES, I DO LIKE MY CURLY HAIR!!

Looking back on my "talking myself into liking my curly hair" days, I can't believe I was forgetting how many bad hair days I regularly had when I was blowdrying & flat-ironing. Of course, no matter who you are or how you wear your hair, you'll have bad hair days from time to time, but I have way fewer bad hair days now that I let my hair be itself.
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This is excatly the same for me!!!.. I NEVER knew I had curly hair. When I was young my hair was straight. And I never really felt like it looked good.Thus I discovered I had wavy hair after I fried it from dying/blow drying/and flat ironing it all the time. Its been less than a year being full CG and I LOVE my hair more than ever. Now don't get me wrong, some days it drives me CRAZY. But I still love it. I wish I knew my hair could look like this 10+yes ago. I can say for my 30th bday this year..I'm looking better now(both physically and mentally) than when I was 20. I was sooo lost then. Its sad actually.

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