@ adthomas and juanab-----That is nice to know! I honestly thought that it did, as I have heard from others that it is less likely for type 4 hair to respond to this method. It gives me hope. Lol! And thanks for letting me know I am heard. I started to think nobody with my hair type was really concerned about cg method. I see I was wrong.
For those who have may be reading and are just as curious as I am about the process, here is a recap of my week. Itís been a grueling week, and I must say, I was extremely tempted to give up after day one, but sheer curiosity kept me going. Here is my synopsis.
When I started, my hair was extremely brittle, and thirstier than I can even describe due to neglect since deciding to transition. After looking into the products that I used on day one of my cg method, I learned that the As I Am cleansing pudding is NOT a conditioner, but another cleanser. Therefore, this is probably the reason my hair felt extremely stripped after clarifying it, and then shampooing again with this product that was NOT actually a conditioner, but a non-sulfate cleanser. The next time I co-washed (day 4), I did the following (in between each co-wash, I sprayed my hair with distilled water each morning/night):
Co-washed with Vo5
Rinsed it out and put some more of it in as a leave-in, and detangled
Due to the stripped feel, I did not use gel. I didnít feel like the conditioner was thick enough as a leave-in.
Since my hair still felt stripped, on the next co-wash (day 7), I did the following:
Deep conditioned with "Naturally" Silk Elements Deep Nourishing Conditioner and let it sit all day, and night while wearing my lunch lady cap and a head wrap.
The next day, I added a mixture of water and Vo5 conditioner (pre-mixed in a spray bottle) and detangled. I did NOT rinse out the DC. And it took about 45 minutes of doing this while creating a ponytail. (I had to do it in sections, as trying to just do it like I did when I was completely relaxed was an EPIC FAIL the last time!)
Hair is beginning to feel more like normal, and I have noticed a really good reduction in shedding since doing the finger combing vs. the wide toothed comb! (I still used the comb a lotÖ..what can I say, itís a very hard habit to break!)
In just this one week, I can definitely see more definition without even doing the gel step. However, after doing a bit more reading, I have decided it is too early for me to look for defined curl patterns in my hair since I still have a drastic amount of relaxed hair in comparison to the amount of natural hair. I am going to continue to use CG approved products, but not focus on the outcome of defined curls. Instead, Iím just going to take a page from adthomasí and Juanabís books and see what my hair likes/dislikes and focus on moisture, and just chip away at the relaxed hair until the end of my transition, which, if all goes as planned, will be another 2 years and 3 months. (that sounds SOOOOOOO FARRRR FARRRR AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.) I know it was only a week, but for any other 4ís out there considering this process, I think your hair will only benefit from experimenting with it. Just donít get frustrated and go HAM on your hair when you get frustrated with trying to comb it like I did, and you will probably be ok. Lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my rants about the CG method. I tried to attach the pics for the difference between this week and last, but since I am at work, the computer is refusing to accept my download of the pics. If I get a chance to do this from home, I will log back on and upload them later, but you canít really tell too much difference by the pics alone, so your not missing much. Lol! Have a happy, snappy, nappy day peeps! )