So, I already do most of the CG stuff (low-poo, though I'm thinking of transitioning to no-poo soon, if my uber dry-scalp can handle it -- I had dandruff issues the last time I tried).

But I've had SERIOUS tangle problems forever. Like, a few times when I was younger, my friend had to cut out the dreadlocks that had formed at the nape of my neck-level bad.

I've tried conditioning even more than I normally do, adding oil to the conditioner, everything, but I can't even get a wide-tooth comb through my hair, much less my fingers. I wind up having to cave in and brush it every time (and it still takes about half an hour to get through on an average day).

Has anyone else struggled with this?

My hair is medium-high porosity, medium-coarse texture, very very dense and probably a 2B curl-wise (used to be more in the 3s, which is what I'm trying to get back to, and I think the tangles may be what's holding me back!).

I'm not sure if it's the type of conditioner I'm using (Redkens Fresh Curls was my usual go-to, though I've tried Ouidad and a few others I forget now too), the oils I've tried (only tried coconut and macadamia oil so far), or what, but... Argh!