So I work for a discount department store and one of the things we sell is hair dryers. A curly customer came in a few days ago looking for a hair dryer with a good diffuser. She looked like maybe a 3b/3c-ish. She had her hair up so I'm just going by the loose curls I could see, but it looks like we have similar curls.

So her question was this: does the size of a diffuser end determine how good it works on hair? Like, the bigger the better? I was honest with her and told her that since I'm growing my hair out, I'm avoiding excess heat, but as long as a diffuser does its job it works for me. (I have a diffuser, which I let her know, but I don't use it a lot.) She liked my take on it, which was good! Hahaha.

Anyway I'm just asking since I want to make sure I'm more informed on Diffusers, so I can provide the best possible customer service now and in the future. We carry Revlon and Chi, Vidal Sassoon, and a few others, in case that helps Thanks!
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