PLEASE HELP! I've been CG for a little over a year. After finding this site I recently sent off for my hair analysis and found out I'm medium texture, normal porosity. All my life I've been told I have coarse extremely dry hair. After looking on here I thought I was high porosity as well even though my hair takes forever to dry. Even after diffusing for 20-30 minutes my hair is still damp hours later. My hair is extremely dense. (when I had shorter flat ironed hair the stylist would shave underneath to thin it out) I never color but I have to diffuse or I would be dripping forever. I used strictly Deva products until about 5 months ago. I was sick of spending so much money on hair products. I have to use a ton of conditioner and gel so my hair won’t frizz and look so dry. I've used some CJ products as well as Giovanni. So maybe I'm overloaded on protein? I need help with product suggestions. I'm so tired of dry unhealthy looking hair. My current routine is CJ Daily Fix or Giovanni Tea Tree (if I feel the need b/c of buildup) RO is Deva OC, LI mixing Tresemme Naturals with a little grapeseed oil to seal then Deva gel. I tried CJ CIAB but it didn't really hold well because my hair is so heavy. I just bought SM curling souffle as well. Not sure about it yet. I've also never really found a good dc. Please help!!
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