Slang can start silly but end up rooted in the lexicon.

Also I consider it evolution when it comes from an older version of the word. Like swagger and swag. Swagger dates back to the 18th century.
I think it's creative.

Plus a lot of fake words become real after a fashion. See: normalcy
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That is true.

I can't stand when incorrect words bc 'real' bc too many people just say them wrong.

I do use SOME slang. I certainly don't speak 'proper' all the time. But my use of slang is like 'cool' or 'neat'. If I'm really excited I may say 'awesome'.

If I say something like 'whateves' or 'totes' I do it in a silly voice bc I'm clearly being a goofball. I've talked to people who put together a string of slang and I'm like

Say It.  I Dare You.-uploadfromtaptalk1366670546230.jpg