Yup...i bought "bonita afro balm" from them..since they are based in germany it took about 11 days to get my order.i was attracted to the webpage and colors ("ooo, something shiny!")..lol..
the website is very vague on product size and list of ingredients, but i believe its about 4 or 6oz of product.
the BAB smells EXACTLY like the Dark & Lovely au natural line and has the same consistency, but is lemony yellow.the ingredients are not all that impressive (LOTS of cones!), buuuut it left my lil w&G afro uber soft & moisturized, smelling good (in my opinion) super shiny, and cute definition of texture. Not necessarily curl pattern definition, but texture definition..(i dont know how to better explain that). It offers no "hold" on my wng.
i do feel that its it over priced considering it a chock full of cones with only a few good/natural ingredients aaaand shipping & wait time, but i am happy with the results for a wng. at first, it didnt seem to play well with CJ smoothing lotion, but when it began to dry, i was very happy with the results.
i have not used it for a twist out or any type of "out" yet, since that is what it is "supposed" to be used for, but i do look forward to see the results.
i would not purchase anything else from the doux, unless they have a U.S. distributor & a full ingredents so i knw what im getting for the price.
i hope this review helps.

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