I am a curly girl! I have 4a, maybe 3c at the top but definately a 4 throughout the rest of my hair. I am on my 5th week of the CG method and I LOVE it! The first few weeks was my hair getting used to the method and me learning what makes my hair happy. I learned that my hair needs to be sealed! I am a product junkie and have subscirbed to curl kit so I get alot of products. Some that work for my hair and some that I use on my babies, who are bi-racial. I have been telling all pf my friends and family, natural or not about the CG method. I think even if you have a perm, using cones, parabens or whatever is not good for your hair. Keep on with the CG method. The book says to give it 6 weeks to see a difference. It took me 4 weeks to see real definition. Good luck to ya!