Sure! According to my results, I'm 61% West African, 19% Central European, 12% Persian/Turkish/Caucasus, and 8% Unknown. There were a few things that I was disappointed about, though: 1) The way they calculate possible cousins. Most of the people I contacted weren't even related to me; they just had either West African, Central European, and/or Persian/Turkish/Caucasus in their results. I don't find find that very accurate.

2) My 8% Unknown. I was hoping to find proof of my Native American ancestry, but I'm guessing that it must be included in that area.

Overall, I was quite pleased, but it left me even more curious of that 8%! I just tested with 23andMe to get a more in-depth view. It is $99 as well, but it provides health and ancestry results, and bases the list of possible relatives on your DNA.
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How do the results otherwise compare to what you expected?

The "unknown" part would bother me. Are there genotypes that haven't been mapped yet?
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I was wondering why there's an unknown too.

I am the new Black.

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