Hi curlies!

I'm really frustrated with my hair right now and as usual, I turn to you guys for help. I am currently BSL with face framing layers and I want to grow more, not as much as waist but to the midback area. But I hate how it looks!

My upmost layer is 3a, the middle is 2c/2b and the bottom is 1c. This straight layer always hangs down limply while the 3a's on top spring up. I am thinking of a long-layered cut, because I can non-heat style it better with braids, buns and what-not but I'm afraid that when I wear it naturally the bottom layer will stick out even more. As it is, the overnight styling methods do not work at all and I do not have time in the mornings to wash my hair. I love one length hair for braids but I like wearing it down more.

I will head to my stylist for henna on thursday and I need to make up my mind by then.

Please share your thoughts / ideas / experiences, I'm desperate
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Type: Mix of 1c/2c/3a , fine-ish medium, ii/iii, normal porosity
Lenght: U-Shaped BSL
Goal: Wavy and clumpy waist length hair

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