Bubblemama, Thanks so much for your story and your words of inspiration. I can glean that hope and heartfelt energy you put into your words.
While i had gone to uber natural since starting curlygirl methods back in 09, at the same time my hair just kept changing--- for a while it was beautiful. The changes i see now i cant attribute to anything other than hormonal since i'm in that change BIG time right now. It's gotten to the point i stare at womens hair to see if i see these same things happening to them( Mainly, the weird wave/curl pattern ) .
I have a good stylist that cuts curly method (dry) and she loves my hair and i can trust her. I am seeing her in a week and beleive she will steer me in the right direction with a trim and probobly has seen women with curl pattern changes.
Thanks again.
fine texture, porous,2c,3a&b (depending on humidity and length)Going gray

Wash: KCCC
Co wash~ Acure conditioner,JM Citrus Neroli
Leave in: KCKT, beatiful curls shae butter
Stylers: KKCC,