So I've been applying my products to dripping wet hair as instructed in the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey and wow!! I know I've mentioned before on other threads that my hair did not do well when applying product to super wet hair...I was so wrong!!! Apparently I was not applying enough gel and was not scrunching enough. I've been doing this for 2 weeks (maybe more?) and get fabulous results every time!!!! I get a lot of definition, minimal to no frizz, shine, etc. and I'm so thrilled!!! I actually used LALSG (on one side of my hair) over a leave in + oil to seal on both sides and LALPSG on the other half and my hair turned out fabulous!!! I used a lot more gel than I have tried before and I'm impressed. I will see how second day hair fairs but I think I'm really going to love these gels! I wanted atleast one of the LA gels to work for me since they are easy to find locally and so inexpensive. I've had such great results and the dews have been super low..

I've been applying products to dripping wet hair, scrunch..scrunch..scrunching...scrunching with my CLU cloth and then diffusing to 90%(?). LOVING the results!!
I use a leave-in + oil (usually MO+Argan or sweet almond), curl cream (MopC or MDCSC), and gel (variety).