bumping this thread as cj pp has become an HG in low/mid dews for me!

i started out this winter trying it on dry hair and liked the results. about a week ago i started thinking about what i was doing differently this winter from a year ago when my hair did not respond well to pp. the difference is that now i am sealing my hair correctly. a year ago it was if my hair was dry and it had that 'fried' look i'd spot on jc n&s or ss emollience. this year i add either one after my leave in and after i blotted my hair but my hair is still wet.

so, i decided to take the cjpp up a notch and go back to trying it on wet hair. past several days i've done my usual leave in in shower, then blot hair and seal. then i added cj pp -- the results have been GREAT! it has now become a staple product for me. very soft but very bouncy curls. i think that it was just that my hair was losing moisture throughout the day in low dew points, nothing to do with the pp. (while my hair is normal porosity, i think gray hair loses more moisture.)
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