My hairs adores ACV rinses.

I typically only co-wash. I will shampoo after I color my hair or before I do a PT (that's part of the directions), but those events happen every couple months.

Day 1: Co-wash + normal routine
Day 2: Mist with Deva curl stuff, wear up
Day 3: Co-wash + normal routine
Day 4: Mist with Deva curl stuff, wear up

See the pattern? Sometimes I wear my hair up two days in a row if I'm not going anywhere. I try to let my hair air dry once or twice a week but the diffuser makes my life so much easier it's hard to skip that step.
My hair is insane, porous, fine, thick/dense, 2C/3A depending on the humidity that day.
shampoo: L'Oreal Sulfate free stuff sometimes
co-wash: Suave Naturals coconut
condish: GVP conditioning balm
leave in: Will try Tresemme Naturals volume (as if I need volume)
honey, FOTE AVG=my HG, Noodle Head mousse, HETT