So here is my story:

I've gone through shampoo, after shampoo, after shampoo. All have left my hair...god you couldn't take a weed whacker to my hair without breaking the weed whacker! XD Yes, that bad! I remember back as a kid I used this product called Willow Lake. Only stuff that did wonders when i was a kid and now it no longer exists. Makes me sad =[

Now i've been trying to go Organic, but its been a hit and miss. I've been trying to get stuff that is Sulfate-free and the cones don't do as much damage as i've seen so far.

I've started to use Organix, which it was good stuff, but there were a hit and miss.

Then I tried Hair-one..oh god i don't think i'll ever use anything like Hair-one or wen..[not sure if wen is any better..idk]

I think tried Giovanni..they were okish

I did Aubrey and it was good, but the shampoo seemed like it stripped my hair and it felt..weird.

I'm trying the stuff from trader Joes, and i'm finding it as a miss.

Now i have read that it takes time for the stuff to work, and low and behold..i'm that one person that expects results right away ._.; habit that will be broken...i hope..

Now i have another brand called Simply U and i'm iffy..

Another note: My Curls have relaxed cause my hair has gotten longer..and i have very thick hair.

What i am looking for?

-Shampoo and Conditioner that will make my hair soft
-Cheap in price..I am on a budget majorly and need to be able to afford it
-Product that i don't have to use too much..before i went through conditioner like it was water..
-I do Dye my hair [which is gonna stop] to keep my natural redhead look XD

So what do you recommend?

[PS: these links are images of my hair right now XD Feel free to judge and tell me what kinda curly hair i got..i think it maybe 3A..idk image1 Image2]