I wash my face twice. After I remove my makeup I wash with a cleanser and then I use my clarisonic Mia 2 and cleanse with that.
I do a facial once per week, usually while I'm doing a deep treatment for my hair. I cleanse, steam my face to really open up the pores, and I do a face mask. Sometimes I make my own with raw organic honey and olive oil or olive oil and avocado or just a store bought Dead Sea minerals mud mask.
I also moisturize my face with natural oils at night. Borage oil which I did a blog about is amazing for my skin. It helps with certain skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis (which I don't have) but it is an amazing moisturizer and it makes my skin look radiant and even. My husband actually started using it too. It was featured on the Dr. Oz shown about secrets the beauty industry does not want you to know.
Getting enough sleep also does wonders for my skin and keeping hydrated helps.

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