I DON'T WANT TO GO TO A RELAXER FOR HELP AGAIN. But I don't know what else to do. So to start from the beginning, I wore weaves for about 2.5 years to grow it out. Once I was all natural I stopped. But my hair is so dry! I thought it was the weaves but my hair is literally irreversibly DRY. No matter what I do to it it's DRY. It rejects all product, I think even water! This is why I thought my hair was low porosity but when I run my fingers through a strand of hair, there is TONS of resistance! And it feels sort of squeaky, and DRY, and brittle and UGH. I put a strand into a glass of water and once I completely submerged the strand in water (using my finger) it sank. I tried the Aphogee Protein Treatment once, it didnt do anything of course (considering my hair rejects EVERYTHING.) I tried the DIY yogurt deep co, I tried the Egg/Mayo deep co, I tried drugstore/beauty supply deep co, I tried the roux porosity conditioner, i even tried the baking soda treatment and NOTHING WORKED. Why does my hair feels like this It should feel like cotton-so soft and luscious. But it just feels like straw! Even oils don't do a thing. Organic Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, they dont do anything! I tried shea moisture anti-breakage deep co and curl enhancing smoothie and yet again, NO long term difference. My hair feels like crap and products like shea moisture conceal it for a few seconds and my hair is back to "normal." I deep co with a plastic cap and heat too! And I sleep with a satin bonnet! I've NEVER straightened my hair, so it cant be heat damage. I'm just about all natural (except a TINY bit on the ends) and like 21 months post relaxer. If my hair grew the way it should it should be about 10.5 inches long, but it's only about 6 inches long I'm really trying to grow my hair out, BUT I NEED TO GET IT HEALTHY FIRST. Any tips on how I do that? Thank you!

UPDATE: I have used the As I Am Coconut Cowash and deep conditioned with Coconut Oil and Honey (This was all I had that was moisturizing and not protein). And I sealed with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smootie (There was still some coconut oil on my hair so I put the smoothie on top of that). My hair STILL had a LOT of resistance and had that plastic/squeaky feeling when I rubbed it! My hair dried really fast (or at least had that DRY feeling really fast) and I forget if that means I have High or Low Porosity. The Cowash detangled my hair but my Bentonite Clay Wash DEFINITELY defines and detangles much more! I'm going to continue with the Cowash once a week to see if anything changes and my moisture problem is solved. I still need a better deep conditioner and Leave-in though. Any more tips? Thank you!

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