You're hair's really pretty! Have you tried a deep treatment or protein treatment? For me, protein treatments usually fix limp hair. Also, when are you applying your products? Applying to soaking wet hair gives me bigger clumps. It might also be the weather change from spring to summer.
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Thank you!! Unfortunately my hair has looked nothing like that lately I apply products to wet hair and diffuse. I have not done a deep treatment or a protein treatment, dying to try one though! I heard of gelatin being a good one, idk how to do it but I'm hoping to do one this weeked
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You can go up to the search bar and look up the gelatin protein treatment. The thread was by AIgirl. I would look it up, but Im on ky phone right now. I use a packet of Knox gelatin mixed with really hot water (like 1/4 a cup), with a splash of vinegar and some AO GBP conditioner (you can use any conditioner). Then I let it sit on my head while I take a long shower. Some people find PTs drying, but others don't. Just don't be alarmed if your hair is a little dry.

I also have heard that glycerin can mess with some people when dew point rise up. I haven't personally had issues with that, but it could be worth cutting glycerin some. I feel like glycerin is one of those ingredients that's super hard to avoid though, so I would try other stuff first.
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