I'm planning on doing the BC in about a year. Part of the preparation is an attempt to search for TWA haircuts I can show to the hairdresser. Can someone please post some links?

ETA - I did try the Search Function, but found no results...
Classic Type 4A
Coarse Texture
Cone, Aloe, and Glycerin Sensitive
Recovering Product Junkie

PRE SHAMPOO TREATMENT– Coconut Oil + Magick Botanicals Oil-Free Conditioner
SHAMPOO – Sof’nFree GroHealthy Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo (Monthly)
CONDITIONER – Magick Botanicals Oil-Free Conditioner CoWash
LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Shea Butter Leave-in (Curly to Kinky)
SEALANT– Homemade Natural Butter Mix

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