Thanks Rach, can you suggest any good blogs? I'm actually in Australia, not that the blog has to be but thought ld mention it anyway. It's so hard to work out what to use. I was thinking of trying Devacurl but it seems to have a few bad reviews. I think lm sort of understanding what it is to be a curly girl but l think l better purchase the book! We don't have anywhere near as many curly products as the US. I can't really afford to try numerous products either. What steps do you take everyday when styling your hair? Dell :-)
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Hi Delli, right now I'm wearing a full sewin to grow my hair out post BC so I'm not having to do it everyday. I just use cleansing creams, cowash and condition my edges. As far as styling products the only one I've really been able to try has been kinky Curly Custard and I love that one. I did a bantu knot out while I was still transitioning. I have used Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner which is also suppose to define and minimize frizz. It didn't blow me away with defining but it did help with my frizz that part was pretty impressive. I'll probably stick to the curly girl method once I do wear my hair out, mainly when it refers to no sulfate shampoos. I already have just been using cleansing creams, but still I don't plan to make those rules something I can't break. I still used a diffuser on low when I needed to help the drying process along and to help with frizz and ok always going to sit under a dryer to deep condition as it lifts he hair cuticle to allow more moisture in. I do have to remember to rinse with cold water to lower the cuticle afterwards to lock that moisture in, that part is some what new and easy to forget.

Heres some blogs I love. Naptural updates often and she has an awesome YouTube channel, as does Mahogany. Hollistics is great she blogs daily or every other day. I would also recommend YouTube ch Taren916 she reviews a lot of products and does tutorials. CurlyNikki blog is ok but she tends to blog info from other peoples blog and doesn't do her own tutorials or reviews of products she physically put un her hair often or at all anymore. Natural chica has a YouTube ch as well its like Mae something I believe she's great too. Good luck!!


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