The man gets a break from school in June. I think we may plan a trip to Niagara Falls! Neither one of us have been and we've both really wanted to go. I've heard the Canadian side is better so I think we'll do that.

Another place I really want to go is Lake Louise. But one thing at a time.
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I don't like Lake Louise anymore. It used to be beautiful, but now.... it's just touristy and garbage-y. The lake is so polluted it foams on the shoreline. When I was a kid (and I'm only 25 so this isn't that long ago), it was much nicer (no foam, not as much garbage... still lots of people, though), but it went downhill.

There's much better places in the Rockies to visit, in my humble opinion, but most of them require a hike.
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Thats so sad.
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I've always loved Banff (tourist-trap-ness notwithstanding) ... please tell me it isn't also wrecked????? Freaking conservative government polluting everything.

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is also stunning. It's also a tourist trap, but still worth seeing - the kids will love it!
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