My daughter is in college now. When she was in 10th grade, I had to pick her up one day from school for a dental appt. As I pull up to the school, I see TV news vans parked in front of the school, but off the property. As we are leaving, one the reporters asks if she can speak to me and my daughter, I say yes. She proceeds to ask me if I knew that there was a teacher at the school who had been arrested having sex underaged girls and how did I feel about it! The teacher was 23. I was astounded. I explained how I was shocked and saddened and how I had discussion such situations with my daughter but certainly didn't expect for anything like that to happen there. It is touted as one of the "best high schools" in the county. You can bet we had ongoing talks on a weekly basis while she was in attendance there.
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I think this happens more than we realize. When I was in high school way back when, a teacher in my HS was fired after he became involved with one of his female students. I don't recall whether there were any charges filed, but it was a big scandal because his father had taught in the district for almost 40 years (probably got his son hired), and was very highly regarded, so it was extremely awkward for him.

It's so important to keep the lines of communication open with our children, and make them feel that we will not judge them if they speak frankly with us (not matter how difficult that may be as a parent).

I just cannot believe how many school officials are willing to jeopardize the safety of female students merely to protect their reputations.

... in 2010, a high school girl was sexually assaulted in a soundproof band room at Forest Hills (Michigan) Central High School by a star player on the school’s basketball team. After one of her teachers notified the principal about the assault, he discouraged the student and her parents from filing charges. But because they were concerned that this student might attack other girls, the student and her parents filed a police report, and the Kent County Sheriff’s Department began a criminal investigation. In fact, two weeks later, another female student was sexually assaulted by the same attacker. Still, despite an obligation under Title IX to investigate the assault and protect the student, the high school officials never interviewed the girl or her parents again, failed to conduct an investigation, and for two and a half weeks left the attacker in one of her classes. During this time, the girl sat in the guidance counselor’s office rather than be in class with the student who assaulted her and missed the benefit of instruction.

As word of the sexual assault spread among the student body, and students saw that the school took no action to reprimand the male student, the female victim became the target of an intensive cyber-bullying and harassment campaign—both at school and online—that depicted her as a liar and a “whore” who was trying to bring down an innocent athlete. The attacker and his friends verbally and physically harassed the girl as she moved in and out of classrooms, through hallways, and around the school campus. The attacker sometimes pushed her into other students as she walked down the hallway, causing her to slam into lockers. Despite repeated efforts by the victim’s parents and other students to alert the principal and the school’s Title IX Coordinator about the viciousness of the harassment by the attacker and other students, school administrators took no action.

Five weeks after the sexual assault, the Kent County Prosecutor’s office authorized two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct against the attacker for his assaults on NWLC’s client and the second female victim at the school. The attacker later pled guilty to a single count of misdemeanor assault and battery. He was sentenced to attend Kent County’s Adolescent Sexual Offender Treatment Program for a second time. The only sanction the school imposed upon the student assailant was temporarily benching him on the basketball court.
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